my services

It is your choice

I believe that the environment in which any human connection takes place is of major importance for the development of a good relationship. I also believe that a good therapeutic relationship between client and psychotherapist deserves a choice of the place where our talks take place.

When I moved to the Gold Coast in 2011, I decided that our interminably long and beautiful beaches would serve me and some of my clients as a perfect counselling place! Therefore, I offer you, my client, a choice. We can meet:

  • AT THE OFFICE – face-to-face counselling – or
  • OUTDOORS by the beach – face-to-face counselling – or
  • ON THE PHONE (conditions apply), or
  • ONLINE with SKYPE (conditions apply).

Counseling via Skype is becoming very popular for busy people these days. I have also found some clients who prefer to have therapy sessions from the comfort of their own homes rather than driving to a therapist’s office. Others find the Skype process less intimidating than the face to face therapy sessions.

I will book Skype sessions provided that the first session is a face to face one. I am able to delve deeper into the soul of the individual through a personal meeting. A working relationship can only be effective when therapeutical rapport is created in this way. It establishes a true connection. Once the rapport is created, then the online process can follow.

I provide counselling (also called psychotherapy) and personal coaching within the framework of Choice Theory (William Glasser, M.D.). The therapy I use is a very powerful short-term cognitive-behavioural helping model which focuses on present choices and future goals. It is a very effective problem solving method which uses self-evaluation to identify, understand our and modify our need-driven behaviours.

The main premise is that all behaviour is purposeful and its motivating intention is to fulfil a present need. Our behaviour is not bad nor good, but effective or ineffective, responsible or irresponsible, acceptable or not acceptable. Most of us are good human beings trying to get what we need.

From this perspective, happiness, joy and misery reflect the measure of the control that each of us perceives as having over our lives.

Relationships is my business

Challenges with:

  • Family relationships, with our children, our parents and extended families
  • Intimate relationships
  • Working relationships with colleagues, with employees or our boss
  • School peers and teaching staff
  • Relationships with friends
  • Relationships with neighbours and acquaintances
  • The relationship with ourselves

are at the base of most of our troubles (that is, if we are not hungry, sick, poor or destitute).

My credentials

With a degree in psychology from the Australian National University (ANU) and postgraduate studies and research in the practice of Reality Therapy and Choice Theory (William Glasser Institute), I moved to the Gold Coast to continue with my work mission; helping people to find more joy in living. I am a registered counsellor (QCA, PACFA & ARCAP).

Outside my formal tertiary education, my knowledge of behavior fits with my own life experience. I believe that life is the greatest university for knowledge. I have used it to facilitate important changes in the lives of my clients. Rather than making interventions in their lives, I concentrate in finding their inner resources to help them reach their maximum human potential. I work with them in an environment of respect, unconditional acceptance and the strictest confidentiality to explore effective ways to get what they need and want. I get enormous satisfaction as I observe my clients regain a steady control of their lives.