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It is your choice

Emotional pain and discomfort are the signs that our body delivers to make us stop and re-consider the direction we have taken. Although we do not choose our problems, we do choose, at times, solutions that not always very effective!

If you are stuck, if you feel sad, anxious, uncomfortable, if you feel numb or confused, it is important to get help. There are always choices available! And sometimes the choice is a change of attitude; are you ready to ask for professional help today? We are wired to be happy and every minute of unnecessary misery is a waste of precious time.

As a professional registered psychotherapist and coach I can help you get what you want in just a few sessions. Moreover, you will learn how manage your own behaviour to prevent further heartache in an environment of total confidentiality and trust.

Pick up the phone – (61) 0418475001 – and ask for a free 15 minute consultation. Otherwise, email me - to ask me to ring you to get your free 15 minutes chat.

Is this the time I need to see a counsellor?

I will ask you, does your life seem like a difficult emotional roller-coaster at this time? Are you wondering how much longer it will take to smooth itself out?

If you have nodded to either of my questions, it is time to see a counsellor! You need to speak to me.